Warwick-Grey-and-Stephanie-Brunetti372 estate is a boutique Olive Oil producer based on Waiheke Island.

Run entirely by myself, Warwick Grey and my wife, Stephanie Brunetti (pictured), our modest olive grove sits overlooking the faulous bays and rolling hills of beautiful Waiheke Island (paradise!).

There is an increasing desire by kiwis to know their food source – which is why we are so passionate about the clean, green, personal nature of our product.

Our olive oil is hand-crafted to be the best it can be and we believe this contributes to the incredible way it makes you feel and of course, how amazing your food tastes when you consume it.

We are very proud of our product, which is produced in limited quantities for our friends, family members and of course, those lucky enough to purchase some before it’s all gone!

The Tuscan Trinity Story

It’s not widely know that there are over 180 varieties of olives grown around the world and many of these can be grown in New Zealand with the Spanish ‘Picual’ and the Greek ‘Koroneiki’ varieties being two of the most well-known.

The ‘Frantoio’, ‘Leccino’ and ‘Pendolino’ grow well on Waiheke and are also the three most commonly grown varieties of olives in the Tuscany region of Italy.

My wife Stephanie and I delight in introducing our family and friends to a new approach to Olive Oil.  Our Single Estate Extra Virgin 2016 Waiheke Island Olive Oil was produced from a blend of Italian olives sourced from Tuscany.

Our olive oil is of course delicious and in contrast to the typical imported ‘Italian olive oil’ varieties, available in local shops here in New Zealand.  While these imported oils may be cheaper, they are typically made – not from Italian olives as you might think – but from a blend of non-Italian olives!

Per the Italian government ruling, olive oil produced in Italy must contain at least 7% of Italian grown olives – leaving up to 93% of the other olives sourced from various Mediterranean countries like Libya, Tunisia, Greece and even Syria in some cases.

Each variety we produce locally here on Waiheke, offers different properties to the unique taste we have created: from the fresh grassy start of the Frantoio, to the creamy buttery middle tones of the Leccino and the peppery finishing bite of the Pendolino.

2016 Report

This year (2016) all the olives were selected from a single grove on the southern shores of Waiheke next to the Whakanewha Regional Park.

Hand-picked by Brunetti / Grey family and friends, all of the the fruit has been handled gently and then taken straight to the local Rangihoua Estate, our preferred Olive Press, on Waiheke Island.

Like wine, the ‘terroir’ that the olives are grown in contributes to the taste and flavour along with the care given to the blending process.  The Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino oil percentages used in our ‘Tuscan Trinity’ brand are what creates an Olive Oil unique to Waiheke Island.

You won’t find this product for sale in any store – we only produced 100 litres this year – so it really is an exclusive product in very limited supply.

Usage of Olive Oil

As a couple, Stephanie and I get through a litre a month, so don’t treat it as too special but dunk bread in it with Dukkha – or make your own olive bread!

Drizzle it over steamed green beans or broccoli, pour it onto smashed steamed potatoes.

It’s terrific over a risotto, in salad dressings, on Paella, over vegetable stir fries, as the base for a roast dinner or just poured over grilled fish, meat or anywhere where you need to add a burst of flavour.

We also fry things in it, despite many saying you can’t fry with olive oil, so you can also have great success browning up your onions and mushrooms – just watch the temperature – if it gets too hot, it kills the flavour.

Pan frying coated fish or chicken or veggies is recommend, but I wouldn’t try to deep fry your Papadum’s or hash browns in it as a vegetable oil is still better for high temp frying.

Order Now

How to Order

We sell our 2016 oil in 750ml wine bottles for $30, or one litre spirit bottles for $40 Inc. GST.  We offer FREE delivery to 44 Queen Street, Auckland for pick up, or drop off if you are nearby (e.g. Waiheke)

To keep costs down we supply it in dark coloured, recycled wine bottles so you can keep it in the bottle it comes in if you like (just don’t get mixed up and put it on your wine rack) or just transfer it to your preferred oil container.

Storage: Don’t keep it for more than a year as unlike wine the flavour does not build, however do keep it in a dark place in the kitchen away from the light.

If you enjoy it then please tell your friends and if you would like some more, there are always lots of used wine bottles in our house that we can fill for you.

It tastes like no other olive oil you will have ever had so enjoy the discovery….

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