2016 Report

This year (2016) all the olives were selected from a single grove on the southern shores of Waiheke next to the Whakanewha Regional Park.

Hand-picked by Brunetti / Grey family and friends, all of the the fruit has been handled gently and then taken straight to the local Rangihoua Estate, our preferred Olive Press, on Waiheke Island.

Like wine, the ‘terroir’ that the olives are grown in contributes to the taste and flavour along with the care given to the blending process.  The Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino oil percentages used in our ‘Tuscan Trinity’ brand are what creates an Olive Oil unique to Waiheke Island.

You won’t find this product for sale in any store – we only produced 100 litres this year – so it really is an exclusive product in very limited supply.