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We sell our 2016 oil in 750ml wine bottles for $30, or one litre spirit bottles for $40 Inc. GST.  We offer FREE delivery to 44 Queen Street, Auckland for pick up, or drop off if you are nearby (e.g. Waiheke)

To keep costs down we supply it in dark coloured, recycled wine bottles so you can keep it in the bottle it comes in if you like (just don’t get mixed up and put it on your wine rack) or just transfer it to your preferred oil container.

Storage: Don’t keep it for more than a year as unlike wine the flavour does not build, however do keep it in a dark place in the kitchen away from the light.

If you enjoy it then please tell your friends and if you would like some more, there are always lots of used wine bottles in our house that we can fill for you.

It tastes like no other olive oil you will have ever had so enjoy the discovery….

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Please make payment directly into our Bank Account, using your name as a reference please: