Usage of Olive Oil

As a couple, Stephanie and I get through a litre a month, so don’t treat it as too special but dunk bread in it with Dukkha – or make your own olive bread!

Drizzle it over steamed green beans or broccoli, pour it onto smashed steamed potatoes.

It’s terrific over a risotto, in salad dressings, on Paella, over vegetable stir fries, as the base for a roast dinner or just poured over grilled fish, meat or anywhere where you need to add a burst of flavour.

We also fry things in it, despite many saying you can’t fry with olive oil, so you can also have great success browning up your onions and mushrooms – just watch the temperature – if it gets too hot, it kills the flavour.

Pan frying coated fish or chicken or veggies is recommend, but I wouldn’t try to deep fry your Papadum’s or hash browns in it as a vegetable oil is still better for high temp frying.